Quality & Service



In our Quality & Service Management we integrate our business processes in close collaboration with our partners in order to create added value for our customers.  We keep high focus on transports and logistics services, through well established distribution structures and strategies. With continuous operations planning and control, we maintain highest service levels.

Quality & Enviromental Policy
We strive for continues improvements to ensure that our customers’ requirements and expectations on quality and service are met. Total quality should apply to all our interactions with our partners, customers and employees.
SMC Minerals & Chemicals operations complies with applicable laws and regulations. We carefully consider enviromental aspects when selecting suppliers and partners.
We are committed to comply with laws and requirements, prevent pollution, protect the enviroment, prevent accidents and ill health, and continuously improve our management system.

Being ISO9001 and 14001 certified, we seek continuous improvement.  This is an ongoing effort to improve our products, services and processes. Our ability to meet our customer’s requirements is constantly being evaluated and improved in to deliver more efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. We keep us fully updated on new classifications, labelling and safety data sheets in respect of the CLP Regulation, whereas the criteria for safety data sheets have been incorporated in REACH.


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