Scott Bader, new partner for thickeners and acrylic resins

Scott Bader, new partner for thickeners and acrylic resins

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Scott Bader, which started January 1st 2019.

Scott Bader, established in 1921, is an independent, multinational chemical company with 650 employees worldwide. They develop and manufacture synthetic resins and polymers for:

  • Building and decoration
  • Graphic arts
  • Textiles and furnishings
  • Paints and coatings

Scott Bader are committed to provide quality and innovation through an ongoing investment in R&D ensuring new and existing products meet customers’ specific needs.

SMC will represent Scott Bader for the following products:

  • Acrylic emulsion thickeners
  • Inverse emulsion thickeners
  • Acrylics and styrene acrylic binders

Inverse emulsion thickeners – high molecular weight polymer emulsified in oil, swells in water.

  • Not effected by pH (also work even below pH 7)
  • Add at any stage
  • Not bio sensitive
  • Supplied in pre-neutralized form
  • Quick reaction, saves time


  • ASE – Alkali swellable emulsion thickeners
  • HASE – Hydrophobic modified alkali swellable emulsion thickeners

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